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    James Brown - Lead Designer                      Veronica Chernnets - designer

Lusin Lighting Design create bespoke lighting designs nationally and internationally for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. Our value lies in our ability to produce energy saving and aesthetically pleasing designs with enormous creative and technical ability. We also offer a number of other related solutions including 360 degree virtual reality images which enhance the visualisation of our designs, and data and electrical planning to give custom placement and future proof the project.    

We pride ourselves on perfection and have a unique and refreshing approach mixing creativity with our technical skills. A substantial amount of time is taken to create and visualise all our lighting designs which are then implemented at the setting with the latest lighting technology. We are passionate about creating low carbon footprint and energy efficient lighting designs without compromising on the visual beauty, mood and atmosphere. 


There are several phases in the lighting design process, all of which are outlined below in more detail. Each step is presented and then verified by the client before moving on to the next. We understand that time is critical in any project so deadlines are always outlined with the client before any work is undertaken. 


Hayes Farm.jpg

HAYES FARM - Norman Cross, Peterborough

We are delighted to have been commissioned to design a lighting design at Hayes Farm, Norman Cross Peterborough. A stunning Barn that is being restored with a modern / contemporary feel. We are looking forward to putting together a concept design with the final design being completed by 12th June ready for first electrical fixtures.  



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